Operation Compagnons d'armes


Operation Compagnons d’armes is an initiative of Medical Intelligence CBRNE Inc. (MEDINT CBRNE Group) and of Capt (retired) Stéphane Bourassa, M.Sc., CD, Inf. Groupe MEDINT CBRNE created this not-for-profit organization in order to contribute to Canadian society in a distinct and specialized manner.

Operation Buddy Check was established as a community project on 28 January 2016 using Stéphane Bourassa’s resources as well as those of MEDINT CBRNE Group. Two socio-political triggers motivated the choice to get involved in the issue of homelessness. The existence of more than 1500 veterans suffering homelessness is the first, while the second is the difficulty in getting a family physician in Quebec.

On 20 March 2017, Operation Buddy Check was licensed with the Quebec Enterprise Reqister under the name Operation Compagnons d’armes. Henceforth a not-for-profit and independent organization, Operation Compagnons d’armes is still unofficially known as Operation Buddy Check.

MEDINT CBRNE Group continues to support the development of this not-for-profit organization and monitors its support to scientific research component. Since 2016, Major (retired) Marc Dauphin, MD, CD, MSM and Corporal Francis Adam, CD are considered cofounders of Compagnons d’armes because of their continued involvement in the community project.