Medical Intelligence CBRNE was launched under business incubation in the research and security sector. The business model was developed by Captain (retired) Stéphane Bourassa, CD.

The skills acquired in experimental medicine led to the scientific and research model adopted by the company to operate in the defence science and security intelligence field.

The company also came into being as a result of a transfer of intellectual property rights from the Department of National Defence to Mr. Bourassa. These inventions are respiratory assistance devices adapted to respirator technologies.

MEDINT CBRNE Group is an accredited member of the defence and security industry, and is a prequalified provider to the Government of Canada. The company’s trademark was registered in 2018 along with that of Operation compagnons d’armes, one of MEDINT CBRNE’s important achievements.

MEDINT CBRNE Group is also active in the community. In January 2016, it launched an initiative to provide assistance to homeless veterans. Originally known as Operation Buddy Check, it now bears the name Operation Compagnons d’armes and has operated as a non-profit organization since 2017, and a charitable organization since 2018. The relationship between MEDINT CBRNE Group and the NPO was inspired by the one that exists between the McDonald’s restaurant chain and Ronald McDonald House Charities Canada.

Major (retired) Marc Dauphin joined the Canadian Forces (CF) as a medical student. He served in all three services, becoming both a Flight Surgeon and a specialist in tropical medicine. After eight years, he transferred to the reserves. As a civilian, he practised and taught emergency medicine for over 20 years.

Many resources contributed to the creation and development of MEDINT CBRNE Group: Prince’s Trust Canada’s Operation Entrepreneur helped with the business model; BCF Business Law with legal matters; JSDC Société CPA with accounting; Entrepreneuriat Laval and Entrepreneuriat Montréal to the company’s development.

One of the strategic objectives of MEDINT CBRNE Group is to offer the Canadian Armed Forces veterans a second career pathway in the defence of Canada and its allies.
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